Meet our Team

Pamela Keye

Vice - President

Dr. Pamela Y. Keye created and managed a reentry office as part of her prison work, serving 500 women incarcerated at Coleman Satellite Camp in Florida.  Reengineering the prison’s Awareness and Orientation program, and serving as an NAACP officer for the prison chapter. For her efforts, she received a commendation from Mark Johnson, Acting Executive Director of Coleman.

In 2012, Pamela formed Keye Global Group, LLC, leveraging her combined experiences as an educator and activist, award-winning K-12 Superintendent, adjunct professor, functioning as quasi-correctional officer/administrator, as a speaker, lecturer, consultant, and coach to academic, community, civic and business audiences and organizations. Pamela mentors and coaches’ justice involved individuals and provides technical assistance to reentry service providers and other consumer based justice organizations. Pamela is chronicling her own reentry and reintegration experiences as an author of a forthcoming book, focusing on helping women impacted by the criminal justice system heal from their trauma-based experiences. 

Carla Lenk


A tireless business Mentor to those seeking support in creating their own business. Carla is a Woman Business owner herself. Carla brings passion to The Peer Association with leveraging her experience and expertise in diversity, navigation or the For Profit and Nonprofit business sector. Carla has upmost and greatest respect for those individuals struggling to achieve independence and success prior to and upon release of those that have a criminal justice background re entering their communities.

Jennifer Downey


Jennifer, a person in long term recovery from Opiate addiction and who is first and foremost passionately dedicated to her own personal recovery. She is a very active member of her recovery community and holds positions within that community to better serve others in their recovery process.
Jennifer is a tirelessly peer mentor and support person for those participating in Wisconsin Treatment and Diversion Court Program. 
Jennifer also is a current Board Member for The Friendship Connection in Adams-Friendship WI, a peer run consumer Mental Health Block Grant recipient organization.

Robert Lampert


Director of the Wyoming Department of Corrections, Wyoming has focused on meaningful, evidence-based correctional interventions centered on thorough criminogenic risks/needs assessments and individual case planning, which has contributed to Wyoming having one of the lowest rates of recidivism in the nation. During his tenure as Director of the Wyoming Department of Corrections, Wyoming has focused on meaningful, evidence-based correctional interventions centered on thorough criminogenic risks/needs assessments and individual case planning, which has contributed to Wyoming has one of the lowest rates of recidivism in the nation.

Lucas Cuffman


Provider for the Comprehensive Community Services program regulated by Wisconsin DHS for The Dome Ranch located in Western WI. Currently Lucas is also a student at WITC in the Human Services program. After incarceration I took every step to change my life for the better. I started taking college courses and sought out humanitarian work opportunities. I had a good run before I began to relapse on old ways. Being on a road to recovery had given me the insight I needed to take a personal inventory and realize I needed intervention. I was able to get into a program in an Eau Claire, Wisconsin where I was able to find volunteer opportunities and establish myself in the community. I became involved with organizations like the National Alliance for Mental Illness and Grassroots Empowerment Project.

Carrie Webb


Executive Director and Founder of The Free Her Project in Gainesville, FL, a holistic peer based initiative designed to empower justice involved women through education, community and advocacy. After surviving 20 years in Florida with an untreated, chronic Mental Illness, no foreseeable access to insurance, a dangerous reliance on drugs and alcohol, sexual assaults, anxiety, violent PTSD, damaged relationships, homelessness, arrests, pretrial supervision and a year of incarceration in a Maximum Custody Women’s Prison, Carrie became an advocate for communities vulnerable to various oppressions from the State.

David Garlock


After 13 ½ years in prison, he was released and began the upward climb to where he is today. After graduating from Eastern University in 2017; he became Program Director of New Persons Ministries where he works with Sex Offenders in Lancaster PA. In his work in Lancaster, he has joined the Board of Lancaster County Reentry Management Organization and speaks at Universities in the Northeast about his story and redemption. He is also connected with the PA Reentry Council that combines all of the reentry coalitions in PA.

Rob Golla


As a retired Correctional Officer, developed and implemented the 2nd Chance mentoring program for the Portage County Juvenile Detention Facility. 2nd Chance is currently in use and funded by the Stevens Point School District. As part of 2nd Chance, instituted a cooking and nutrition class for incarcerated youth.  Teaching our youth practical skills for healthy meal choices while giving them the confidence required to be creative in the kitchen. I have written 2nd Chance to focus on the past success of each youth, building on that to promote healthy choices in the future.  Robert has worked with the Equal Justice Initiative of Montgomery, AL to eliminate Juvenile Life Without Parole (JLWOP) both in Wisconsin and nationwide. While there are conflicting court cases coming from different states and the Supreme Court has yet to rule on the retro-activity of their previous ruling (Miller v Alabama), I hope to be part of rectifying this through legislation at the state level.

Alice Marie Phillips


Bio Coming Soon!